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The ANTv1

The original Aragon Network Token ("ANTv1" and sometimes "ANT (old)") is an ERC20-compliant token deployed to Ethereum mainnet. It was launched through the Aragon Network Token sale in May, 2017.

Although previously configurable, the token will now (and forever) closely mimic a vanilla ERC20 token:

  • Its supply, and holders' balances, are constant

  • All transfers are allowed, with no internal fee mechanisms

  • No functionality for blacklisting addresses

In addition to the vanilla behaviour, it implemented a number of features that were intended to be used when governing the Aragon Network:

  • Historical token balance records

  • Cloning, with balances from a specific block snapshot

  • An optional controller (see below)

And finally, a specific behaviour was added for the initial launch period:

  • Irrevocable time-based vesting from a whitelisted granter, used during the token sale and afterwards to generate the presale allocations.


The controller of a MiniMe token holds significant power over the token itself (more information available in the MiniMe section).

The current controller of ANT is a final, non-changeable contract, ANTController. This contract limits the token controller related function of ANT to only allowing a specified address to call generateTokens().

Currently this address is the Community Multisig 0xbEEFbEeF03c7E5a1C29E0Aa675f8E16AEe0A5FAd.

ANTv2 upgrade

In light of technical advancements in the Ethereum and decentralized technology ecosystems, ANTv1 has been deprecated in favour of ANTv2 as the Aragon Network's governance token.

Despite being deprecated, ANTv1 is forever "unstoppable": it will continue to be transferable and tradable on Ethereum.

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