How to upgrade

All deprecations requiring a manual upgrade will log warnings to the console in non-production environments.

Outside of any listed exceptions, all deprecations in 1.0 will be removed in releases after March 2020.

Experimental components

Using experimental components have their names prefixed with an underscore, and should always require your attention whenever aragonUI gets updated.

For this release, the _DateRange component has been renamed DateRangePicker.


Theming is now done with a hook rather than statically. This change was necessary to allow the theme to change at run time. The useTheme() hook should now be used to fetch the theme object.

The colors, theme, themeDark, or brand objects are now deprecated.

For more information, please consult the documentation page for colors.


This component was already deprecated, and has now been removed. If you were still using it, please use the Main component instead.


AppView is now deprecated. The layout of an app should now be implicitly handled by Main and Header should be used for the app header.

Note: if you really must keep using the AppView component, you can set set layout={false} on Main. This feature will be removed at the same time as other deprecations.


The secondary, outline, and text modes don’t exist anymore. Setting them will display the button in normal mode (the default).

The text mode has been replaced by the ButtonText component.

The emphasis prop doesn’t exist anymore. positive and negative are now modes that can be set directly.

See the Button documentation page for more details.


The spring() function has been removed. If you were using it, please use the springs (with an s) object instead.


``useViewport() should be used instead.

GRID and grid()

Responsiveness is now handled in a different way, and nothing replaces GRID / grid().

AppBar and NavigationBar

For the title and the main action of an app, Header should get used.

For tabs, use the Tabs component.

For NavigationBar, we now recommend achieving this by using the BackButton inside a Bar.


TabBar has been renamed to Tabs. A legacy TabBar is still available, but will be removed at the same time as other deprecations.

The onSelect prop has been removed in Tabs: please use onChange instead.

Text and font()

Both the Text component and the font() utility are deprecated.

Please use textStyle() directly in your components instead.


If you were using the Badge component and/or its variants (Badge.Info, Badge.Identity, Badge.App, Badge.Notification, BadgeNumber), you should switch as follows:

  • Badge => <Tag />.

  • Badge.Info => <Tag />.

  • Badge.Identity => <IdentityBadge />.

  • Badge.App => <Tag />.

  • Badge.Notification => <Tag limitDigits />.

  • BadgeNumber => <Tag limitDigits />.


If you were using the Table component, you might want to have a look at the new DataView component. It does what Table was doing, and much more.

Table is not considered deprecated yet, but may be in a future version. It will not be removed following March 2020.


The observe() utility is now deprecated. If you were using it with @aragon/api, using @aragon/api-react directly is now the recommended way to do this.

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