An unexpected error has occurred

If you are creating a DAO and the screen shows "An expected error occurs" (as shown in the image)
Please follow these steps:
  • Disable the VPN (and other connection limitations) if present
  • Logout from the Web3 wallet (e.g. Metamask)
  • Disable all the Ad-blockers (and other similar services) if present
  • Clear the cache of the browser and close the browser
  • Re-open the browser
  • Login to Metamask and select the network and the account you want to use
  • Access the DAO creation page starting from here​
  • Click the create your DAO - Use Aragon Client button
Click the Create a DAO button
Click the Aragon Client Button
  • Re-connect the Web3 wallet (before that select the network and the account you want to use on the Web3 wallet)
Select the network and the account on your web3 wallet (aka metamask)
  • Proceed with the DAO creation
Note: if the issue persists try to use another browser. The suggested browsers are Brave, Chrome/Chromium, Firefox desktop web browsers. If you are using a mobile phone, try with a pc/ laptop.