Navigating your Vocdoni organization

In this section, you will learn how to navigate through an Organization created using Aragon Vocdoni.

Steps to navigate in your Vocdoni organization

On the top right click on the name of your entity/organization (in our case Vodconi Test). A drop-down menu appears with the following categories:

  • Dashboard

  • Public Page

  • Update entity

  • Create account backup

  • Help & Feedback

  • Language

  • Logout

All these sections will be described below.


On the dashboard page, you can create a new vote using the Creating a voting process button.

If you haven't made a backup of your account you will see an alert message shown in an orange box (see the example above).

=> In this case, please, proceed with the backup of your account as described in the dedicated paragraph below.

Voting box

The list of votes is in the dedicated box.

The Votes are grouped by:

  • Active votes: open vote proposals

  • Ended Votes: closed vote proposals

  • Upcoming Votes: vote proposals that aren't already opened

Clicking on a Vote (in our example Test Vote) you can see the vote details. For example how many have voted and the status.

Public page

The public page shows the information about your entity/organization. It can be accessed by everyone (only in read mode).

The page shows:

  • the name of the entity/organization,

  • the logo, the header,

  • the entity description,

  • the entity address,

  • the entity processes.

Update entity

The update entity page allows you to update easily the information about your entity/organization. Fill in the new information and save.

Create account backup

On the Download credentials page you can protect your entity's account by exporting it and storing it in a safe place.

  • Select in the drop-down menu your favourite 3 Recovery questions and fill in your replies.

  • Confirm your password.

  • Check the box with the acknowledgement of losing the password.

Press the Continue button. A .bak file will be automatically downloaded. This file contains the account details to restore your Vodconi account if needed.

Your account is now protected, store this file in a safe place.


This option allows you to select the preferred language. At present 3 languages are available:

  • English

  • Català

  • Spanish

Help and feedback

This option redirects to the Vocdoni documentation.


This option allows you to log out of your account.

To access your account after a logout again you need your .bak backup file.

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