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Legacy Developer Documentation

The products and developer tools in this documentation are Aragon Legacy Products & Tools and are no longer being maintained. For a better experience and support check out our newest Aragon Products and OSx here.
Welcome to the Aragon Legacy Developer Documentation.
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General tools:

  • ​
    aragonPM: Decentralized package manager based on aragonOS that handles upgreadability of smart contracts and arbitrary data blobs, such as webapps.
  • ​
    aragonOS Framework: that enables flexible and upgradeable governance mechanisms by creating and assigning permissions to multiple entities.
  • ​
    aragonAPI Standard: set of APIs and specifications used to interact with aragonOS-powered contracts by handling transaction pathing, upgradeability, and contract state.
  • ​
    aragonUI: Aragon-native toolkit of React UI components for decentralized apps that implement aragonDS. Slick, fast and easily extendable.
  • ​
    aragonCLI: Tool for creating, testing and publishing Aragon applications. Also allows for creating custom Aragon organizations.
  • ​
    aragonDS: The Aragon Design System defines a set of user behaviours and guidelines to ensure consistency across all Aragon apps.

Products tools:

  • For Aragon Govern documentation go here.
  • For Aragon Vocdoni documentation go here.