Financial infrastructure

Here you will learn how Aragon deals with its financial ecosystem.

Aragon portfolio

The current portfolio composition of the Aragon Association is made up of predominantly:

  • $ETH,

  • $BTC,

  • altcoins,

  • stable coins,

  • other coins such as $ANT,

  • reserve of USD.

Decentralized coins make up 94% of the portfolio, in line with the Aragon Association’s commitment to maintaining a high percentage of highly liquid, decentralized assets. \

Usage of the portfolio

The Association is committed to keeping the treasury in assets that drive decentralization. The remaining portion of the portfolio has been diversified to protect against volatility in the market and maintain a stable cash balance to allow for the smooth running of the Aragon project. The Aragon Association has built a strong position in USDC.

Further details may be requested from the team directly.

Funding sources

The Association is currently generating funds from the interest from the treasury. At the current burn rate the Association has 10+ years of runway.

With a focus on new product development to improve the user experience and align with user requests Aragon sees DAO creation and usage as key metrics in our path forward.

Transparency Reports will be released bi-annually and will show the state of the Treasury and the spending along with the news from the previous 6-months.

Transparency Report July 2021 for Q1 & Q2 has a profile on Aragon Network

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