How to create a DAO

Note: Make sure you have all of the prerequisites before proceeding with this guide

In this section, you will learn how to create a DAO using the Aragon Client. In the example below we will use the Goerli Network.

How to create a DAO

  • Log in to your Web3 wallet (e.g. Metamask), select your account address and the network you want to use.

  • Go here and click the Create your DAO button and then choose to use Aragon Client.

  • Check that the wallet account is connected (as shown in the image), if not press connect wallet.

Remember that you'll need 0.2ETH (or more depending on the network traffic) to create a DAO on the Ethereum network. So it's recommended that you use a test network (like Goerli) when setting up your first DAO. For more info about how to connect to a Test Network go here.

  • Select a template (click on view details and then use this template).

For more details about the different Templates go here.

  • Company template: here.

  • Membership template: here.

  • Reputation template: here.

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