Aragon Govern is beta software which is NOT MAINTAINED anymore. It's a really cool product though with innovative and nifty smart contracts. So although you might run into an error 🐲 here and there, the documentation is definitely worth the read and the play!

And welcome to connect with us through Discord or our technical forum!

Govern create

This package contains the factory contracts:

  • GovernFactory

  • GovernQueueFactory

  • GovernBaseFactory


First, run yarn to install all the dependencies.

Then, create the .env file in the root directory of this package and include those:


  • PRIVATE_KEY=YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY (depending on the network, update this value for the corresponding private key)

If you don't want to verify contracts on etherscan right away after deploying the contracts, you can omit ETHERSCAN_KEY from the .env config.


After the configuration step is done, you can run yarn deploy.

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