A high-level overview of the Aragon Solutions

Aragon Products:

In Production

  • Aragon Client: our online DAO maker for beginners and developers. Aragon Client is the name for our fully hosted, easy-to-use, free online DAO maker. The most widely used DAO maker in the world. It's the perfect place to start if you are a beginner. Where you can create your first DAO in a couple of clicks: manage your members, vote, admin your funds directly on the blockchain without a single line of code.

In Development

  • Aragon Govern: an experimental leading-edge version of our client. It is the next-generation solution for building DAOs. It was designed to provide even greater freedom of action, yet take a fraction of the time to deploy. It may require significant technical background but showcases many exciting new opportunities.

  • Aragon Voice: the new gasless and universally verifiable voting solution for submitting proposals for any ERC20 token and voting on them using a decentralized end-to-end verifiable protocol.

  • Aragon Vocdoni: the main product is a governance platform, which allows participation in conventional organizations with the maximum guarantees of security and privacy. The voting protocol **** that powers the platform is designed to be universally verifiable, secure, and resistant to attack and censorship through the use of blockchain technology, together with decentralized technologies and cryptographic mechanisms, such as zero-knowledge proofs.

  • Aragon Court: a dispute resolution protocol that handles subjective disputes that cannot be solved by smart contracts. This is achieved by having a set of guardians drafted for each dispute who will vote to guarantee a certain ruling.

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