Sign a Transaction with Frame

How to use Frame

This guide will help you to get started with Frame and interact with a DAO using a hardware wallet. How to setup Frame go here.

To take full advantage of Frame, we recommend you have aragonCLI installed as well. If you already have it, skip to the next section, otherwise run:

npm install -g @aragon/cli

If you're having trouble with this step, you should take a look at the installing aragonCLI section or the troubleshooting guide. If that doesn't fix things, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on Discord in the #questions channel.

Signing your first transaction

In this section, we are going to interact with an already deployed DAO on Rinkeby that allows anyone to mint any amount of FRAME tokens to any address. We will use an aragonCLI command to execute a function on the Token Manager app installed on the DAO. You may find it helpful to learn more about dao exec command before continuing.

The first step is to run this command in your terminal (click the copy button to copy the entire command):

dao exec 0x16b3C84d4DB149590981F2d3A36e14Db96069730 0x1A8D8BB7eB5aC6E6F51dF5E65d301c7e5dD00D58 mint <address> <amount> --env aragon:rinkeby --use-frame

Replace <address> with an address of your choice (as the token minting recipient) and <amount> with the amount of tokens you would like to mint for the address (remembering to apply the token's decimals, e.g. 10^18). The options --env and --use-frame tell aragonCLI that we want to interact with Rinkeby to use Frame as the transaction signing provider.


After running the command, you should see this error message in your terminal:

✖ Returned error: Permission denied, approve AragonCLI in Frame to continue

Don't worry, we just need to grant aragonCLI permission to access your account on Frame. You may have seen Frame ask for this earlier on setup. Approve the request to continue.


Now run the command again. This time, Frame will ask you to sign the transaction that aragonCLI generated (this can take a minute). Sign and then confirm it from your hardware device. In a couple of seconds, the transaction should be mined.

Congratulations 🎉! You've just signed your first transaction with Frame. Navigate to the live Aragon DAO's Token Manager to see the minted FRAME tokens for your chosen address.

Viewing transactions

Finally, if you click on the "View details" button, Frame will open the transaction's details on Etherscan.

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