What is the AN DAO?

the AN DAO = the Aragon Network DAO

The Aragon Network DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that was established by the Aragon Association after a public vote of $ANT holders on the Aragon Network Charter in October 2021.


The AN DAO is intended to be the vehicle for the Aragon project after the dissolution of the Aragon Association.


The Aragon Network DAO consists of a Main DAO and three satellite organizations:

  • the Executive Sub-DAO

    • Ivan | AN#6678

    • lee0007#8152

    • danielo#2815

  • the Compliance Sub-DAO

    • Eagle#2979

    • Tayy#3241

    • k_ronald#2911

  • the Tech Committee

    • Wenzel#6681

    • p4u | vocdoni.io#6817

    • Samuel Furter#6696

Each sub-DAO has a committee of three members, elected by a combination of a public vote and the Aragon Association.

Each committee member has a tenure of one year and is paid 200 $ANT per month.


the AN DAO

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