DAO is taking a long time to load

The state of Aragon organizations is stored on the blockchain. When you use the Aragon client to load an organization, the client searches through the history of the blockchain to find all relevant information about the organization and then loads the data onto your computer.

For organizations older than a few months, this loading process may take several minutes - sometimes as long as 20-30 minutes depending on the age of the organization. So if you want to load an older organization, put on a nice record, go for a walk, or read that long article you have saved in that open tab - anything to enjoy passing the time, because this could take a little while.

The good news is, once you have loaded an organization, its data gets stored locally in your browser. So when you return, the organization should load much faster if it hasn't been a long while since the last time you visited.

"I waited and it still hasn't loaded!"

If you have waited longer than expected for an organization to load, and it still hasn't finished, try refreshing the page. Sometimes there might be a connectivity issue that is preventing the organization from loading, and refreshing will reset the network connection and help it load properly.

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