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Aragon Govern is beta software which is NOT MAINTAINED anymore. It's a really cool product though with innovative and nifty smart contracts. So although you might run into an error 🐲 here and there, the documentation is definitely worth the read and the play!

And welcome to connect with us through Discord or our technical forum!

How to query data

Govern Server is exposing a GraphQL API that lets you fetch data related to your Govern DAOs. Have a look at the Govern Server API documentation for the list of types and queries you can use.

Directory structure

# The core server library, which will be in a separate package later.
# We should keep in mind that this part will eventually run in the
# browser, enabling the fully decentralized mode of Aragon Govern.

# API endpoints are prefixed by “api-”. We’ll only have a GraphQL API at first,
# and a REST API will be added later. Each API server exposes a single start()
# function with its configuration as a parameter.

Docker container

Build a docker container and expose server on http://localhost:3000:

docker build . -t govern-server
docker run -it --rm -d -p 3000:3000 --name govern-server govern-server

Remove the container:

docker stop govern-server


Github Actions workflow server-ci-cd.yml builds and deploys a server container when creating v* tags in the master branch.

Deployments can be triggered using lerna:

yarn lerna version [ major | minor | patch ]

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