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Creating a voting proposal

Steps to create a voting proposal

To create a proposal go here and connect your web3 wallet.
If you need help with this task go here.
Please select Ethereum Mainnet in your wallet.
Select the project where you want to make a proposal and click the Create new proposal** ** button.
In this example, we selected Aragon Network Token (ANT).
Select the type of the new proposal:
  • Signaling proposal: gasless proposal creation using Vochain layer 2 solutions. (For example, a Signaling proposal is great for an initial discussion, and collecting feedback).
  • On-chain proposal: metadata is stored on Ethereum, increasing decentralization and verifiability. (For example, on-chain proposal can be created after the community has discussed the signaling proposal and provided feedback).
Fill in all the fields in the new proposal.
Title: insert a title for your proposal
Description: a description of what your proposal is about
Proposal date: the period during which the vote is open
Question: a short description of what the vote is about
Description: a description of what the vote is about
Add question: if your proposal has more than one vote
Click create proposal** ** and approve the transaction on your wallet.