Getting started with BSC Testnet

In this section, you will learn how to connect and use your Web3 wallet on the BSC Testnet.

Connect your Web3 wallet to the BSC Testnet

We recommend using Metamask wallet as your Web3 wallet.

  • Login to your wallet

  • In the search box insert binance smart chain testnet

  • Click the connect your wallet button on the top right (if Metamask is well connected the fox icon appears)

  • And click add to Metamask button

Deposit test-BNB token to your BSC Testnet wallet

You will then need to load your wallet with enough test-BNB (abbreviated as "BNB") to pay for gas fees when you deploy your organization and make transactions within the organization.

Please note that the symbol of the test-BNB is BNB - **** the same as for mainnet-BNB.

You can try the Binance Smart Chain faucet or post your BSC Testnet address in the Aragon Chat #support-community to receive test-BSC for free.

If you post your faucet request in an Aragon Chat channel, please, wait for our response. We will send them to you asap.

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