Getting started with Harmony testnet

In this section, you will learn how to connect and use your Web3 wallet on the Harmony Testnet.

Connect your Web3 wallet to the Harmony Testnet

We recommend using Metamask wallet as your Web3 wallet.

  • Log in to your wallet

  • In the search box insert harmony testnet shard 0

  • Click the connect your wallet button on the top right

If Metamask is well connected the fox icon appears.

  • And click _add to Metamask _ button

Deposit TEST ONE to your Harmony test wallet

What is TEST ONE?

TEST ONE token is used on the Harmony Testnet. It is used to:

  • pay for transaction fees (abbreviated as ONE)

  • to deploy a DAO in the same way that test-ETH is used on Goerli

Please note that the symbol of the test-ONE is "ONE", the same as for mainnet-ONE.

How to get your Harmony One address for the faucet?

  • Copy the account address from your Metamask wallet and paste it into the search bar.

  • It should output an address that begins with one1.

  • You will need to copy that address and then insert it at

  • In a couple of seconds you should receive 1000 TEST ONE to deploy your DAO.

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