Getting started with Ethereum

In this section, you will learn how to connect and use your Web3 wallet on the Ethereum Network (also called Ethereum Mainnet).

Connect your Web3 wallet to the Ethereum Network

We recommend using Metamask wallet as your Web3 wallet.

The Ethereum Network is already set up on your Metamask wallet.

Log in to your wallet and select the Ethereum Mainnet on the dropdown Networks menu.

Deposit at least 0.2 ETH to your Ethereum wallet.

Now you need to load your wallet with enough Ether (abbreviated as ETH) to pay for gas. Each transaction on the network requires a gas fee for e.g.:

  • transactions for the transfer of funds from your wallet

  • the deployment of your organization

  • the interactions within your organization

$ETH is a cryptocurrency native to the Ethereum network and can be acquired from any cryptocurrency exchange that lists ETH.

How much $ETH is necessary to deploy a DAO?

As a rough estimate of how much ETH you will need: multiply the current “standard” gas price in gwei by 0.02.

For example: at a standard gas price of 10 gwei, you should have 0.2 ETH in your wallet. You can estimate the necessary gas price here.

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