APM commands

The aragon apm commands are the easiest way to manage aragonPM repositories.

aragon apm packages

Lists all the packages in a apm registry.

aragon apm packages [apmRegistry]
  • apmRegistry: The registry to inspect. Defaults to aragonpm.eth.

aragon apm info

Shows information about a repository.

aragon apm info <apmRepo> [apmRepoVersion]
  • apmRepo: Name of the APM repository.

  • apmRepoVersion: Version of the repo. Defaults to latest.

aragon apm publish

The aragon apm publish command publishes a new version to the aragonPM repo. Check the How to publish an Aragon App to aragonPM guide to learn more about the publish workflow.

aragon apm publish <bump> [contract]
  • bump: Type of bump (major, minor or patch) or version number.

  • contract: (optional) The address or name of the contract to publish in this version. If it isn't provided, it will default to the contract specified in the arapp.json file.

Note Changes to the contract can only be published with a major version bump. Minor and patch versions are only for frontend changes.

If a minor or patch version is being published then the command can be run with the --only-content flag which will skip compiling the contracts.

You can target a particular directory to publish, using --files. By default we only include artifact.json, code.sol and manifest.json.

We always publish apps with:

aragon apm publish <version> --environment <environment> --files app/build

The command has the following parameters:

  • --only-content: For minor and patch upgrades; whether to skip contract compilation, deployment and contract artifact generation.

  • --only-artifacts: Whether just generate artifacts file without publishing.

  • --init: Arguments to be passed to contract constructor on deploy. Need to be separated by a space. The @ARAGON_ENS alias can be used and it will be replaced by the address of the ENS registry in the devchain.

  • --provider: The provider where the files of the package will be published to. Defaults to ipfs.

  • --files: The path to the files that will be published. Defaults to the current directory.

  • --ignore: A gitignore pattern of files to ignore. Specify multiple times to add multiple patterns. Defaults to just the node_modules directory.

  • --publish-dir: The path to the directory where all the files and generated artifacts will be copied to before publishing. If it is not specified, it will create a temporary directory.

  • --build: A flag to specify whether the webapp should be built while publishing, running the script specified in build-script of package.json. Defaults to true.

  • --build-script: The name of the NPM script in your app that will be used for building the webapp.

  • --prepublish: A flag to specify whether to run a prepublish script specified in prepublish-script of package.json. Defaults to true.

  • --prepublish-script: The name of the NPM script in your app that will be run before publishing the app. Defaults to prepublishOnly.

  • --http: The URI for the HTTP server that will be serving your app files (e.g. localhost:1234). See instructions on running from HTTP for more information.

  • --http-served-from: Path to the directory that the HTTP server exposes (e.g. ./dist). Some artifacts are generated and placed in this directory during the publishing process of your app.

  • --ipfs-check: Whether to have start IPFS if not started. Defaults to true.

  • --reuse: Whether to reuse the previous version contract and skip deployment on non-major versions. Defaults to false.

  • --propagate-content: Whether to propagate the content once published. Defaults to true.

  • --skip-confirmation: Whether to skip the confirmation step. Defaults to false.

aragon apm extract-functions

Extract function information from a Solidity file.

aragon apm extract-functions [contract]
  • contract: Path to the Solidity file to extract functions from.


  • --output: Path of the directory where the output file will be saved to.

aragon apm versions

Shows all the previously published versions of a given repository.

aragon apm versions [apmRepo]
  • apmRepo: Name of the APM repository. Defaults to the current project's repo (defined in arapp.json).

aragon apm grant

Grant an address or a group of addresses the permission to create new versions in your package (defined in arapp.json), by interacting directly with the ACL, without performing transaction pathing.

aragon apm grant [addr1 ... addrN]
  • addresses: The addresses being granted the permission to publish to the repo.

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