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Aragon Govern

Govern is Aragon's new Smart Contract system to manage unstoppable organizations on the blockchain in an efficient and decentralized manner. It's architectured using ERC3000, the up and coming governance standard.

🚨 Security Review Status: pre-audit

The code in this repository has not been audited.

📚 Read the documentation

Read the documentation if you have any doubts about the high-level overview of Govern, or if you want to know more about how everything works under the hood.

👋 Get started contributing with a good first issue

Before explaining how you can contribute, It's worth mentioning that we use develop branch as the default one. This makes it easier for us to have all the latest, development changes without affecting the current production version. Note: we don't use release branches to make the development process a little bit easier! Other notes:

  • Pushing to develop branch via PR deploys changes to testing environments (currently only Rinkeby testnet).

  • Pushing to master branch via PR from develop deploys changes to production servers (Ethereum mainnet).

  • Pushing to master|develop directly will be restricted to make sure the PR's are reviewed.

  • Creating PRs end up in relation to develop by default.

Don't be shy to contribute even the smallest tweak! Everyone will be nice and helpful to beginners to help you get started!


This repo uses Lerna and yarn workspaces to bootstrap itself, and is divided into multiple independent sub-packages:

  • erc3k: Aragon's reference implementation of ERC3000, the up and coming governance standard.

  • Govern.js: Govern's official JS wrapper for creating seamless DAO experiences.

  • Govern Console: No-frills, forkable, extensible power user / developer UI tool for interacting with and visualizing low level information about Govern DAOs. Can be found on Github here.

  • Govern Contract Utils: Set of all libraries and utilities used by the core Govern contracts.

  • Govern Core: The core set of Aragon Govern contracts.

  • Govern Create: Set of templates used to create new Govern instances.

  • Govern Discord: Govern-native Discord bot for DAOs.

  • Govern Server: Server powering Govern.js and the Govern API to enable Web2-like experiences for DAOs.

  • Govern Subgraph: Govern's official Subgraph, which tracks DAOs registered on the A1-deployed ERC3000Registry.

Deployed instances

To use Govern, feel free to deploy your own registries and factories, but using the official registries ensures that our tooling will detect your organization properly.



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