Appeals - How much money is needed to appeal a dispute? And to confirm the appeal? What is it for?

  • To appeal a dispute or confirm it, the amount required is (Juror_Fee + Draft_Fee + Settle_Fee) x collateral factor x number of jurors.

    • Guardian fees = Juror_Fee

    • Draft fees = Draft_Fee

    • Settlement fees = Settle_Fee

    • Collateral factor = 3 to appeal, 2 to confirm

  • So that means:

    • Appeal dispute: ((Juror_Fee + Draft_Fee + Settle_Fee) x 3) x number of jurors

    • Confirm appeal: ((Juror_Fee + Draft_Fee + Settle_Fee) x 2) x number of jurors

Appeal numberNumber of guardians drafted

First appeal


Second appeal


Third appeal


  • For the final round, the same formulas apply, but costs are reduced by 50%. The number of guardians for the final round is computed as total active stake / min active balance.

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