Legal and technical infrastructure

How Aragon and the AN DAO are structured

The Aragon Association

The Aragon project is stewarded by the Aragon Association, a non-profit entity based in Zug, Switzerland, and governed by Aragon Network Token (ANT) holders.

Within this legal infrastructure, the DAO is subdivided to streamline governance and execution:

Main DAO

The Main DAO is an Aragon Govern DAO that acts as the executor for community votes on Aragon Voice, enabling $ANT holders to exercise a direct token-weighted democracy over the network.

Executive Sub-DAO

The Executive Sub-DAO (ESD) acts as strategy facilitator and finance director for the AN DAO. The ESD is responsible for scheduling payments and deciding on which initiatives to fund.

Compliance Sub-DAO

Committee members of the Compliance Sub-DAO review all proposals to the AN DAO and any sub-DAO for compliance within the Charter and overall legal compliance, providing feedback to proposal creators where appropriate. They are charged with removing any proposals they deem to be non-compliant with any part of this Charter or illegal and assume full legal responsibility for the approval of any illegal, unlawful, criminal or fraudulent proposals.

Tech Committee

The Tech Committee is responsible for overseeing the quality of the Aragon Network's code and smart contracts. Members of the Committee are required to review technical proposals in the Main DAO and sub-DAOs and either remove any offending proposals, suspend proposals pending a 3rd party audit or approve beneficial proposals that do not require an audit. The Committee will merge any approved repositories.

You can read more about the Aragon Structure here.

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