Challenging a transaction

With Aragon Govern's optimistic governance model, every transaction has a delay period (you can read more here) allowing the community time to review and decide if there are actions described that might be contrary to the DAO agreement.

During this delay period transactions may be challenged, and if challenged a dispute is created in Aragon Court (or any other preferred dispute resolution system specified in the DAO).

If you do not agree with a transaction that has been scheduled, provide a clear justification so that guardians can understand why you are disputing it. This will greatly increase case comprehension for the guardians and allows for faster dispute resolution.


  • When you challenge a transaction, **you need to add **collateral to the challenge. The collateral token and amount are defined in the DAO settings.

  • When creating a challenge, you also need to pay the court fees in DAI, which will be used to pay guardians and actors on the dispute.

So for challenging a transaction you need to have both these tokens on your wallet:

  1. The collateral token

  2. DAI token

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