🏗️How to install the Agent App in your DAO

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You need the Agent App but it has not yet been installed in your DAO? Fear not, it can still be installed using EVM Crispr, a tool to modify 'the DNA' of your DAO.

The Agent App is not installed since it is not appearing under 'APPS' in the DAO menu bar:

Before we head to EVM Crispr we need you to collect the 'address' of your DAO. You can find it under 'SYSTEM > Organization':

Now let's go to the terminal of EVM Crispr:

Clean the terminal by removing all the example commands which you will find when opening it:

Now Copy/ Paste the following commands in the terminal:

load aragonos as ar
ar:connect <your dao address> token-manager voting (
  install agent:new
  grant voting agent:new TRANSFER_ROLE voting
  grant voting agent:new EXECUTE_ROLE voting
  grant voting token-manager ISSUE_ROLE voting

Next to installing the Agent app we also grant the voting app with the TRANSFER_ROLE, EXECUTE_ROLE, and ISSUE_ROLE so exec agent and act agent commands can be used in the future.

This is what the terminal should look like after Copy/ Paste of the above commands:

Find the DAO address which you saved earlier and now replace <your dao address> with the address. Click Connect and connect with your Web3 wallet (usually MetaMask).

Make sure your Web3 wallet is connected to the Network on which the Aragon DAO was created. Also it should be set to the Account which has created the DAO on Aragon Client and/ or owns the DAO tokens

Now click on Forwarding from... :

A transaction request should now pop-up in your Web3 wallet. Confirm the transaction. Once the transaction has successfully processed in your Web3 wallet return to your Aragon DAO and open the 'Voting' app from the menu bar. You should see that a vote has been generated:

Now open the vote by clicking on it, and connect your Web3 wallet at the top right hand corner. Once connected scroll down and approve the vote by clicking Yes:

Then click Create transaction and Confirm the transaction in your Web3 wallet. Once the transaction has processed and the vote has passed you should now see the Agent App appear automagically in the menu bar! 🥳

If your address does not have enough 'DAO tokens' for the vote to meet the Support and Minimum approval necessary, then mobilise other token holders to vote so the vote can pass.

TheAgent App should look like this:

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